Congress Unveils ‘Nyaya Patra’ Manifesto: Promises Justice for All and Economic Reforms

Congress Unveils Nyaya Patra Manifesto

New Delhi: In a significant move ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress Party has unveiled its manifesto, dubbed ‘Nyaya Patra’, in a grand ceremony attended by key party figures including Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, National President Mallikarjun Kharge, and General Secretary KC Venugopal. The manifesto outlines a comprehensive plan with 25 guarantees aimed at delivering justice across various sectors of society.

Five Pillars of Justice:
The Congress manifesto introduces five pillars of justice that form the core of their promises:

  • Shareholder Justice: Ensuring equitable distribution of economic resources.
  • Kisan Justice: Addressing the needs and rights of farmers.
  • Women’s Justice: Empowering women through various initiatives.
  • Labour Justice: Safeguarding the interests of the working class.
  • Youth Justice: Focusing on the aspirations and employment of the young population.

Socio-Economic Reforms:
The party pledges to conduct a nationwide caste census to map out the socio-economic conditions of various castes and sub-castes. The data obtained from this exercise is expected to inform policies for affirmative action, with Congress committing to the removal of the 50 percent cap on reservations.

Minority Rights and Employment:
The manifesto promises to uphold the fundamental rights of minorities, reinstating the Maulana Azad Scholarship and facilitating easy access to loans. A significant focus is placed on youth employment, with the party promising to create 30 lakh government jobs and implement stringent measures to prevent examination paper leaks.

Privacy, Defamation, and Farmer Support:
In line with its commitment to civil liberties, the Congress Party vows to repeal laws that infringe upon the right to privacy and opposes the concept of ‘one nation one election’. The party also plans to decriminalize defamation and fulfill a longstanding demand of farmers by guaranteeing a minimum wage of Rs. 400 under the MNREGA scheme.

Empowerment of Women:
Mallikarjun Kharge, the National President, announced the Mahalaxmi Yojana, which will provide Rs. 100,000 annually to women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Additionally, the party intends to implement a reservation for women in Parliament and ensure that by 2025, half of all government jobs will be reserved for women, marking a significant step towards gender equality in the workforce.

Congress Unveils Nyaya Patra Manifesto

The Congress Party’s manifesto represents a bold vision for India’s future, with a focus on justice, economic reform, and empowerment of marginalized groups. As the nation gears up for the elections, these promises set the stage for a pivotal moment in India’s democratic journey.