Congress Alleges Financial Crunch Amidst Election Season: Accounts Frozen Over Tax Dispute

Congress Alleges Financial Crunch

New Delhi: In a startling revelation, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge announced on Wednesday that the party is grappling with a severe financial crisis due to the freezing of its bank accounts by the current BJP-led government. This development comes as India gears up for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, casting a shadow over the Congress party’s campaign efforts.

The Core Issue
The Income Tax Department issued a notice to the Congress on February 13, demanding the recovery of Rs 105 crore in outstanding taxes. Subsequently, the department levied a fine of Rs 210 crore and proceeded to freeze the party’s bank accounts. In response, Congress leader and attorney Vivek Tankha approached the Delhi High Court seeking relief. However, the court upheld the IT Department’s actions last Wednesday, leaving the party’s finances in limbo.

The Impact on Congress
Kharge expressed the party’s distress over the freezing of accounts, stating that the funds were comprised of donations from the public. The freeze has affected four key accounts belonging to the Youth Congress, Mahila Congress, Delhi Congress, and the All India Congress Committee (AICC). Kharge questioned the fairness of the upcoming elections in light of these financial constraints.

Controversy Over Electoral Bonds
Adding to the controversy, Kharge accused the BJP of non-transparency regarding the disclosure of funds received through electoral bonds. Despite a Supreme Court order, the BJP has allegedly not disclosed the amounts, which Kharge suggests could reveal financial misconduct.

Congress Alleges Financial Crunch

A Jibe at Prime Minister Modi
In a pointed remark, Kharge criticized the naming of a cricket stadium in Gujarat after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, suggesting such honors are typically bestowed posthumously. He also voiced confidence that the people of Kalaburagi, where he suffered a defeat in the last Lok Sabha elections, would rally to support Congress in the forthcoming polls.

The Congress party now faces the challenge of navigating these financial hurdles as it prepares for a crucial electoral battle.