Maruti Suzuki Financial Results Q3 and 9M, FY 2022-23


New Delhi, The Board of Directors of Maruti Suzuki India Limited today approved the financial results for the period Q3 (October-December) FY2022-23.

Highlights: Q3 (October-December), FY 2022-23

The Company sold a total of 465,911 vehicles during the quarter. Sales in the domestic market were 403,929 units and exports were 61,982 units. Shortage of electronic components impacted production by about 46,000 vehicles in this quarter. This was against total sales of 430,668 units comprising 365,673 units in domestic and 64,995 units in export markets in the same period, previous year.

Pending customer orders stood at about 363,000 vehicles at the end of this quarter out of which about 119,000 orders were for newly launched models.

During the quarter, the Company registered Net Sales of INR 278,492 million. During the same period previous year, the Net Sales were at INR 221,876 million

The Company recorded an Operating Profit in Q3 FY2022-23 of INR 21,230 million as against INR 9,190 million in quarter 3 FY2021-22.

The Net Profit for the quarter rose to INR 23,513 million from INR 10,113 million in Q3 FY2021-22.

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Highlights: 9M (April-December), FY 2022-23

The Company sold a total of 1,451,237 units during the period. Sales in the domestic market stood at 1,256,623 units. Exports were at 194,614 units. During the same period previous year (9M FY2021-22), the Company registered a total sale of 1,163,823 units including 993,901 units in domestic market and 169,922 units in the export market.

The Company registered its highest ever Net Sales of INR 816,790 million in the period April to December 2022 as against INR 582,841 million in the same period, FY2021-22.

The Company made a Net Profit of INR 54,256 million in the 9M FY2022-23 as against INR 19,274 million in 9M FY2021-22.