Uttarakhand Forest Fires: IAF’s Aerial Operations and Army Assistance in Full Swing

Uttarakhand Battles Forest Fires

Nainital: The Indian Air Force (IAF) has been called into action to combat the rapidly escalating forest fires in Uttarakhand’s picturesque Nainital district. Utilizing the advanced Mi-17 V5 helicopters equipped with Bambi Buckets, the IAF is undertaking a critical operation to douse the flames that have intensified since Friday. The situation has prompted a collaborative effort between the state government and the IAF to bring the situation under control.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has been actively involved, noting the severity of the fires and the state’s response. “The forest fires pose a significant challenge for us. We are mobilizing all necessary resources and have sought the Army’s assistance to tackle this formidable blaze. Our goal is to contain the fire as swiftly as possible,” CM Dhami stated.

In a proactive measure, CM Dhami conducted an aerial survey on Saturday to assess the damage and direct the response efforts. He has issued a directive for officials to remain vigilant and coordinate across all departments to implement preventive measures against the fires.

The fires took a dangerous turn on Friday, with the flames encroaching upon the High Court Colony in Nainital, causing alarm among the residents of the HC colony located in the Pines area. The district administration, in response to the escalating threat, has suspended boating activities in the iconic Naini Lake as a precaution.

Nainital Divisional Forest Officer Chandrashekhar Joshi has confirmed the deployment of 40 Manora Range personnel and two forest rangers to combat the inferno. “Our teams are working tirelessly to extinguish the fire and protect the affected areas,” Joshi said.

Uttarakhand Battles Forest Fires

The decision to deploy helicopters was primarily to safeguard the nearby Air Force Station, highlighting the strategic importance of the operation. The combined efforts of the IAF, the Army, and local authorities aim to stabilize the situation and prevent further damage to the region’s natural beauty and civilian areas.

As the state battles these severe forest fires, the commitment to protecting its citizens and natural heritage remains unwavering, with emergency services and government officials working around the clock to mitigate the crisis.