Band, Ghodi and Barber also flagged off with 50 guests at the wedding


Indore: The outbreak of the epidemic started on Wednesday in Indore, which is among the worst affected districts of Kovid-19 in the country, completed three months. Meanwhile, the administration has approved different activities, increasing the scope of the exemption, including increasing the number of guests of the bride and groom party from 12 to 50 at the wedding ceremony. Officials said that now there is no need for prior permission of the administration for organizing marriages in the district. As many as 50 guests will be invited to the wedding ceremony, as well as 10 service providers, including band, horsewoman and hairdressing. He said that the administration has given these exemptions in the marriage ceremony on the demand of common people. But the organizers of the wedding ceremony will have to ensure all arrangements for the rescue from Kovid-19.

The administration has approved tea shops with poha, the favorite breakfast of the people of Indore, for only four hours between six and 10 in the morning. After this, on Wednesday, these shops saw a crowd of food and drink enthusiasts. In view of the outbreak of Kovid-19, the general public life in the district is seen to be returning to a fast track due to the continuous relaxation of the administrative restrictions in the social, commercial and industrial sectors. However, the spread of this epidemic continues. Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) Praveen Jadia said that 34 new cases of Kovid-19 have been found in the district during the last 24 hours.

With this, the total number of infected in the district has increased from 4,427 to 4,461. The CMHO also reported that four more patients, including a 70-year-old male, died during treatment in different hospitals after being infected with the corona virus. As a result, the total number of patients who succumbed to this epidemic has increased to 207. At the same time, 3,290 people have become free from infection after treatment. The outbreak of Kovid-19 in the district began on March 24, when the epidemic was confirmed in the first four patients.