11th and 12th students surrounded BJP Office Against Education Policy Reform

11th and 12th students

Patna: In Patna, the capital city of Bihar, a wave of student protests has erupted in response to a significant change in the state’s education policy. For several days, intersections across the city have been flooded with students demanding the right to continue their 12th-grade studies in colleges rather than schools.

The Heart of the Matter
The protests stem from a recent policy shift that will see higher secondary education (classes 11th and 12th) moved out of colleges and into high schools starting from the next academic session. This decision has sparked outrage among students who are currently enrolled in colleges for these classes.

Escalating Tensions
The situation reached a boiling point outside the BJP-JDU office in Patna, where hundreds of students gathered to voice their discontent. The police, initially present to pacify the protesters, found themselves overwhelmed by the intensity of the demonstration.

A Disrupted Academic Calendar
Students are particularly concerned as the annual examinations for the 11th grade are set to commence on March 19. Amidst this critical period, they are being compelled to secure admissions in high schools within a mere three-day window. The abrupt transition, including a change of teachers, threatens to disrupt their academic continuity.

11th and 12th students

The Demands
The protesters have surrounded the Chief Minister’s residence, insisting that they be allowed to complete their current academic session in their respective colleges. They argue that the sudden policy change is detrimental to their educational journey and are seeking intervention from the state’s highest office.