Why difference between US and China, White House has given this reason

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Washington: The White House said that the US and China have “tightly contested” relations and that the Biden Administration will work in close coordination with its partners and allies. So that his position is strong. White House spokeswoman Jen Saki’s remarks on Monday came after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi commented on Sino-US relations. Beijing (Beijing) told the US to stop interfering in its internal affairs and remove trade restrictions.

Wang had said that the US should ‘tarnish’ the image of China’s Communist Party and a party political system and stop supporting ‘separatist forces’ in Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. He also said that the Biden administration should also change the steps taken by former President Donald Trump to control China’s growing influence.


“Certainly our taxes have to be reviewed,” Saki said during a conversation with reporters at the White House. At the moment, we have no information to tell about this. We believe that there are relations between China and the US with “tightly contested” countries. “

He said the Biden administration would work in close coordination with its partners and allies to strengthen its position in relations with China. China and America have never had such a bad relationship before. Both countries are making sharp comments on each other regarding trade, the origin of the Corona Virus epidemic, China’s aggressive attitude in the South China Sea and human rights issues.