Wheat will reach Afghanistan from India via Pakistan, Imran Khan said – will consider


New Delhi: There is a plan to send wheat from India to Afghanistan via the Pakistan land route. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan told a Taliban delegation in Islamabad on Friday that his country would “favorably consider” the request of the “Afghan brothers” for transport.

The Indian Express report quoted sources as saying that, as winter is nearing in Afghanistan and considering the current situation in the country, different options are being discussed. A statement from Khan’s office said that Prime Minister Imran Khan pointed out that in the present context, Pakistan would favorably respond to a request by the Afghan brothers to transport wheat given by India through Pakistan on extraordinary grounds for humanitarian purposes. and will act according to the modalities.”

The news quoted Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki as saying that the statement was issued after meeting Khan with the group’s finance and commerce and industry ministers and senior members of the delegation. Pakistan’s PMO statement said that Khan “reaffirmed Pakistan’s support to Afghanistan and the Afghan people to address the grave challenges facing their country.”

Imran Khan

On the other hand, the head of the World Food Program for Afghanistan, Cecilia Garges, said that talks are going on between the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) and India regarding providing food assistance on a humanitarian basis for Afghanistan. The guards urged countries to do everything possible to help families in war-ravaged Afghanistan, which is facing the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

Referring to the scale and nature of the food crisis in Afghanistan, Gargos said that access to food for households has been severely affected due to a variety of factors.