US in preparation for tough action against China, White House said – wait for action

Kylie McKenney and trump
  • US in preparation for new sanctions against China, President Donald Trump may announce soon
  • White House press secretary Kaylee McKenney confirms, “I will not reveal anything about it yet.”
  • Tensions in the US and China heighten, US Navy carrying out operations in the South China Sea

Washington: President Donald Trump, who has taken a tough stand against China, may soon announce new sanctions. White House press secretary Kylie McKenney said that you will soon hear about new actions against China. I will not reveal anything about it right now. You have to wait for our announcement.

Kaylee said that I cannot tell anything before President Trump. But, it confirms that we are going to take more strict action against China in the coming days. Let us know that these days the tension in America and China is at a peak. At the same time, two aircraft carriers of the US Navy are also conducting maneuvers in China Sea.

Controversy in America China over these issues
The main reason for the dispute between America and China is to establish its dominance in the world. After the trade war, the Corona virus, the new security law in Hong Kong, the hegemony of the South China Sea, China’s aggressive attitude against India-Japan-Australia and Taiwan, the ban on American journalists, the massacre of the Uygurs and both on Tibet There is a dispute between countries.

US visa ban on Chinese officials
The US has announced a new visa ban on China’s senior citizens involved in blocking foreigners’ access to Tibet. Not only this, the US has reiterated its support for the meaningful autonomy of the Tibetan people by sprinkling salt on China’s burns. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said he is taking action against several Chinese officials, including some officials of the ruling Communist Party in China, under US law invoking the entry of the American people into Tibet.

US support for Tibetan autonomy
The US has again openly expressed its support for the meaningful autonomy of the Tibetan people. The US Secretary of State said that we are determined to work for the basic and non-transferable human rights of the Tibetan people, to preserve their specific religion, culture and linguistic identity. The exiled religious leader of Tibet living in India, the Dalai Lama has been demanding meaningful autonomy for the people of Tibet. But China considers the 85-year-old Dalai Lama a separatist.

According to the report, the name of this defense system is the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS), which is undergoing limited user tests at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The test includes 700 US Army personnel. Whose protection is being taken special care for protection from coronavirus infection? While many engineers are checking the data associated with this test from the base itself.
This is how the US Army will get strength in war
The Center for Strategic and International Studies reported that the US’s Missile Threat Project (IBCS) aims to strengthen communication between weapon launchers, radars, and operators. For example, based on the information received from another radar, any aerial defense system close to that threat can launch a missile. This will reduce the time to deal with the threat and the enemy will not be able to block the aerial communication.
US and Israeli missile defense systems to be included
The US Army stated that the Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD), Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system and Patriot missile batteries will provide effective protection together with this integrated air and missile defense battle command system. General John M. Murray of the Army’s Futures Command said that the IBS would also include Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system in addition to the American missile defense system.
Army to join by 2022
The US military has said that if the test of this battle command system is successful, it will be commissioned in service by 2022. In the future, it is also planned to be deployed at US military bases overseas.

American NSA told Jinping the dictator
US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said that Chinese Communist Party Secretary-General Xi Jinping sees himself as the successor of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Not only this, but the American NSA also said during an event in Phoenix that our days of tolerance and naivety are over. We will now take action to rein in the spread of the Communist Party and its ideology. America has now become aware of the dangers caused by the Communist Party of China.