US Expresses Concern Over India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, Monitors Implementation

Matthew Miller-during a press briefing

Washington: US raised concerns this week regarding India’s recently notified Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), emphasizing the importance of religious freedom and equal treatment under the law. US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller, during a press briefing, articulated the US’s apprehension about the potential implications of the CAA’s implementation, which was officially notified on March 11.

“The United States is closely observing the enforcement of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act,” Miller stated, highlighting that adherence to democratic principles, such as respect for religious freedom and equality before the law, is crucial.

The CAA, enacted by the Indian government, aims to streamline the process for non-Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan—who arrived in India before December 31, 2014—to acquire Indian citizenship. This move has sparked a variety of responses, with the Indian government reassuring that Indian Muslims will not be affected by this legislation and will retain the same rights as Hindu citizens.

Matthew Miller-during a press briefing

Home Minister Amit Shah has clarified that the CAA is intended to assist minorities who have faced religious persecution in their home countries and is not designed to revoke any Indian citizen’s status. The US and UN have both voiced their concerns, with the UN stating that the CAA is “fundamentally discriminatory in nature” and in violation of international human rights obligations⁸⁹.

As the global community watches, the implementation of the CAA will be a testament to India’s commitment to its democratic values and the protection of human rights.