US-China dispute escalates, US disrupts flights of Chinese airline


Washington: In response to pressure from China to cancel the flights of US airlines, the US has disrupted 44 flights of Chinese airlines. Four Chinese airlines will be affected by Friday’s order from the US Department of Transportation. Due to this, the ongoing dispute between the two countries regarding the restrictions related to Covid-19 has increased.

China banned the entry of flights of these airlines into the country after some passengers of Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines tested positive for the virus. The US has said that China’s actions violated a treaty on every country’s access to airlines of another country. The Department of Transportation said China’s decision to block 44 flights of American airlines “is against the public interest and requires the department to retaliate in equal proportion.”


Under the US order, 44 flights of Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Xiamen Airlines will be canceled between January 30 and March 29.