US called Taiwan to discuss democracy, China furious, gave this threat


Beijing: America has called many countries in the Summit for Democracy event. But countries like Russia, Pakistan, and China have been kept out. America has also called Taiwan in this summit. Taiwan (China-Taiwan Border Conflict) has welcomed this move of the Joe Biden government. But, China has once again flared up due to this move of America. China has said that giving Taipei a global platform will hurt America. China has told the purpose of this event to advance the American Geopolitical Game.

Speaking to the media, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China strongly opposes Taiwan’s invitation by US officials to attend the summit of democracy. There is only one China in the world and the government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legal government representing China.

Zhao further said that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China and the One China Policy is a widely recognized benchmark of international relations. Taiwan has no other international status in international law other than being part of China. We seriously urge the US to follow the One China Policy.

America stays away from Taiwan issue
He lashed out at the US, saying that the US should stop providing a platform for Taiwan’s independent forces. They should stop encouraging. Giving them a platform only hurts America and puts it in a difficult position. Taiwan pro-independence forces playing with fire are only burning themselves.

china -Xi Jinping

China’s advice to America
China has also attacked the Democracy Summit. Zhao said that the purpose of the meeting being organized by America is to divide the world. Democracy is a common value of humanity. It is not a patent of some countries. America is doing politics of factionalism and confrontation in the name of democracy. It is a repetition of the Cold War mentality. Fair-minded people in the world question this and oppose it.

Taiwan welcomes America
However, Taiwan has thanked the Joe Biden government for inviting Taiwan to attend the summit. The Taiwan Foreign Ministry has said that Taiwan’s digital minister will participate in this event. In a tweet, Taiwan has said with America that we are strong together.