UNESCO calls for global ban on smartphones in schools

global ban on smartphones in schools

New Delhi: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has issued a statement urging all countries to ban the use of smartphones in schools, citing their negative impact on learning and well-being.

The statement said that smartphones are a major source of distraction, disruption, and cyberbullying in classrooms and that they interfere with the development of critical thinking, creativity, and social skills among students.

UNESCO also said that smartphones pose a threat to the privacy and security of students and teachers, as they can be used to access inappropriate or harmful content, spread misinformation or propaganda, or conduct surveillance or hacking.

The statement recommended that countries adopt policies and regulations to prohibit the use of smartphones in schools, except for educational purposes under the supervision of teachers. It also suggested that schools provide alternative means of communication and information for students and parents, such as landline phones, computers, or tablets.

UNESCO said that the ban on smartphones in schools would help create a more conducive and inclusive learning environment for all students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have access to digital devices at home.

global ban on smartphones in schools

The statement was endorsed by several experts and organizations, including the International Association of Teachers, the World Health Organization, and the Global Partnership for Education.