‘Red List’ travel ban started for Indian travelers in Britain today

Red List travel ban started

London: “Red List” Covid-19 travel restrictions for passengers arriving from India began on Friday after 55 more cases involving the Indian version of the coronavirus were found in Britain. Under these restrictions, people from India are prohibited from coming to Britain and it is compulsory for British and Irish citizens returning to their country from New Delhi to live separately in the hotel for ten days.

The sanctions began when Public Health England, a unit of the UK Department of Health, confirmed that 55 more cases of infection involving the so-called double mutation of the virus in the country, ‘B1.617’, were confirmed. With this, the total number of cases associated with this form of the virus has risen to 132 in the UK. In Britain, this form of the virus has been classified as ‘Variant under Investigation’ (VUI).

Red List travel ban started

The last flight from India to Britain landed at Heathrow Airport in London on Thursday evening before the ‘Red List’ sanctions began, arriving from New Delhi. The UK has included 40 countries in the ‘Red List’ travel restrictions that are considered to be extremely risky in the spread of new forms of coronavirus.