Pakistani Singer Shazia Manzoor Slaps Co-Host On Live Show, watch video

Pakistani Singer Shazia Manzoor Slaps Co-Host

New Delhi: Shazia Manzoor, a famous Pakistani singer and playback artist, slapped her co-host Sherry Nanha, a comedian, on a live show on a private channel, causing a stir on social media. The incident occurred on the show ‘Public Demand’, where Manzoor was invited as a guest along with other celebrities.

The show, which features humorous segments and pranks, had previously seen Manzoor being part of a prank on the hosts, including Mohsin Abbas Haider, who is also a singer and actor. However, things took an ugly turn when Nanha made some inappropriate comments to Manzoor, suggesting that he would marry her and take her to Monte Carlo for their honeymoon.

Manzoor, who seemed offended by Nanha’s remarks, slapped him hard on the face and scolded him for disrespecting women. She said that she had tolerated his behavior last time and played along with the prank, but this time she was serious and would not let him get away with it. She also accused him of deviating from the script and ruining the show.

Haider, who was hosting the show, tried to calm down the situation and apologized to Manzoor for Nanha’s misbehavior. He also warned Nanha to follow the script and not improvise, as it could lead to such unpleasant situations. Manzoor, however, was not satisfied and left the studio in anger, saying that she would never come back to the show.

The video of the incident went viral on the internet, sparking a debate among the viewers about its authenticity. Some people suspected that it was a staged drama, meant to create hype and attract attention. Others believed that it was a genuine reaction from Manzoor, who was fed up with Nanha’s jokes. Some also praised Manzoor for standing up for herself and teaching Nanha a lesson.

Pakistani Singer Shazia Manzoor Slaps Co-Host

Shazia Manzoor is a well-known name in the Pakistani music industry, having sung for many hit films and albums. She is known for her melodious voice and catchy songs, such as “Batiyaan Bujhaei Rakh Di”, “Chan Mere Makhna”, and “Ballay Ballay”. She has also won several awards and accolades for her singing career.