Pakistan forced to sell embassy building in America, advertisement published in newspapers

Pakistan forced to sell embassy building in America

Islamabad: After the terrible floods in Pakistan this year, the economic situation is getting worse. The situation has become so bad that now its diplomats are forced to sell the property. Advertisements have also been published in newspapers to sell the valuable diplomatic property located in Washington, the capital of America. Please tell that the price of this building is being told 5 to 6 million dollars.

Pakistan forced to sell embassy building in America

ARY News quoted sources as saying that Pakistan’s embassy in Washington has received approval from the Foreign Office to sell its old building, which has been lying vacant for the last 15 years. According to Pakistan’s news website Dawn, this building is now in the market. Due process is being followed for the sale. The embassy official said, “The proposed sale has been advertised in the newspapers and several bids have also been received.” The embassy said that they were consulting an evaluator to assess what was best for them.

According to the report, the former ambassador is in favor of selling all the vacant buildings privately. He said, “We have already wasted a lot of money in maintaining these buildings for so long, if we delay it will become even more difficult to sell them. Let us tell you that this building is situated in Washington’s prestigious R.K. Located on Street. From the 1950s to the 2000s, it was the embassy’s defense block.