Obama-Bush and Bill Clinton, who came forward to help Afghan refugees, will support this way…


Washington: The situation in Afghanistan has worsened since the occupation of the Taliban. Hundreds of Afghan citizens are forced to leave the country. In such a situation, three former US Presidents George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama and their wives i.e. former American First Ladies settled in America. Have decided to join a group aimed at supporting refugees from Afghanistan. The former leader and his wives will work as part of a coalition of ‘Welcome US’ American businesses and other leaders.

Launched Tuesday with a website that will be “a single point of entry” to make it easier for Americans to donate, host a refugee family through home rental app Airbnb, or find other ways to help come to America Afghan citizens will get help.

According to reports, several US state and local leaders have said they would welcome refugees into their communities, although immigration remains a divisive issue in some parts of the country. Refugee entry into the US from around the world fell to its lowest level during the tenure of former President Donald Trump. However, the current President, Joe Biden, decided to end policies that hinder refugee admission.


It is being told that the Biden administration is working to accommodate 50,000 refugees at military bases in the US. Let us tell you that during the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan citizens have reached America. According to a report, George Bush and his wife Laura said in a statement, “Thousands of Afghans stood by us to move forward for a safer world and now they need our help.”