Now Palestinians will be able to roam freely in the West Bank, Israel will give ID cards to 4000 people

Now Palestinians will be able to roam freely in the West Bank

Jerusalem: Palestinian citizens living in the West Bank will now be able to visit Israel’s checkpoints and checkpoints unhindered, as Israel is going to issue them identity cards. Israel has occupied the West Bank since 1967. Now identity cards will be issued to 4,000 Palestinian citizens here.

This campaign of official registration was stopped for years. This step of the government of Israel will be especially beneficial for those 2,800 people who are former citizens of the Gaza Strip. The government has decided to give them legal status. These people fled the Gaza Strip to the West Bank in 2007 when internal conflict with Hamas was going on.

Israel-Palestine both claim
Israel occupied this area in a six-week war. Since then, there have been clashes between the Israeli army and the people living here. Israel claims that this land belongs to the Jews, which was later occupied by Muslim invaders. They should now return this land.

It is feared that if tensions escalate, Hamas will also break its promise of the ceasefire. This can once again disturb the peace of the entire region. Let us tell you that during the attacks in the early weeks of May, about 300 people died.