Leading MPs protested Confirming nomination of Neera Tandon, the crisis clouded


Washington: Crisis has been clouded over Senate confirmation of the appointment of Indian-American Neera Tanden, nominated by US President Joe Biden, to the White House Office of Management and Budget office, as Republican Senator Susan Collins and Mitt Romney have announced to vote against him. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin on Friday opposed the confirmation of Tandon’s name and is the first Democratic lawmaker to do so.


If Tandon’s name is confirmed, she will become the first black woman to head the agency. Amid fears of confirmation of Tandon’s name, the White House has called him an ‘excellent policy expert’ and Biden has said he supports his name. Collins said on Monday that Tandon has neither experience nor his temperament appropriate to lead this important agency. A spokesperson has confirmed that Romney will also oppose Tandon’s comments on social media. During the confirmation confirmation hearing, Tandon apologized for attacking top Republican lawmakers on social media. The Senate Budget Committee will vote on Tandon’s nomination this week.