Joe Biden appointed Dr.Aarti Prabhakar as director of OSTP

Dr. Aarti Prabhakar

Washington: US President Joe Biden has named Indian-American scientist Dr. Aarti Prabhakar as the director of the county’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). If Biden’s proposal is approved by the Senate, Dr. Aarti Prabhakar will be the first woman to hold the position of director of OSTP.

The US President said on Tuesday, “Dr. Prabhakar is a highly learned and respected engineer and physicist and she is determined to take advantage of science, technology, and innovation to expand our possibilities in these areas, to solve our toughest challenges, and make the impossible possible.” To lead the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Dr. Aarti Prabhakar

Biden said, “I agree with Dr. Prabhakar’s belief that America has the most powerful innovation machinery the world has ever seen. The Senate will consider her nomination, I am grateful that Dr. Alondra Nelson will continue to lead OSTP and that Dr. Francis Collins will continue to serve as my acting science adviser.