Hackers infiltrated dozens of Treasury Department email accounts: Senator


Washington: Hackers have infiltrated dozens of Treasury Department email accounts and have access to the system used by the top officials of the department, making a big dent in the security of the US government departments. went. Russia is being accused of being behind this incident.

Senator Ron Wyden has provided this new information regarding hacking after a briefing given to the Senate Finance Committee by the IRS and the Treasury Department. Widen said after receiving information in the case that there were no indications that the taxpayers’ data was shared by hackers, though “seeming significant” in accessing the departmental office branch of the Treasury Department and dozens of emails They succeeded. The senator said that the top officials of the department sit here.


Widen said that in addition to this it seems that the code keys (encryption) of US government servers have also been stolen. “The Treasury Department is not yet aware of all the hackers’ activities or precisely what information has been stolen,” said Wyden in a prepared statement.