FBI monitoring Muslims in America, fight reached Supreme Court, know what is the matter?

FBI monitoring Muslims in America

New York: Recently, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in America has passed. People still live by remembering this scene, when in the name of radicalization of Al-Qaeda, the New York Twin tower was blown up by a plane. Even after 20 years, the question is arising in front of the people that who should they choose in security and freedom? The US Supreme Court can answer this in November. Imam Yassir Fazaga, a Muslim cleric from California, will stand in front of the Supreme Court in November about his questions.

Muslim cleric files case against FBI
According to Dainik Bhaskar’s report, in 2011, Fazaga, along with two others and with the help of the American Islamic Council, filed a case against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He alleged that the FBI is monitoring Muslims only because they are Muslims.

What is the FBI’s argument?
At the same time, on this charge, the FBI argued that their investigation is a ‘state secret’ and if the case is continued, it could prove to be very dangerous for national security. In the FBI vs. Fazaga case in November, the first question before the Supreme Court will be whether state secret privileges are justified in this case. The FBI says that the court does not have the right to investigate the FBI and examine its documents.

FBI monitoring Muslims in America

The case is possible against the government
In December 2020, 4 Muslims filed a case against the FBI in the Supreme Court. It was alleged that the FBI is forcibly forcing people to become informers of Muslims. In this case, titled ‘Tanveer Vs Tanzeem’, the Supreme Court ruled that an individual or their group can file a case against the agencies of the government on the basis of protection of their religious rights. In connection with his case, Fazaga says that in November 2021, it will be decided in the Supreme Court whether the FBI officer is more powerful or a Supreme Court judge.