Delta form of Coronavirus has become a matter of concern in Britain

delta form or B1.617.2

London: The delta form or B1.617.2 of the coronavirus first appeared in India has now become a cause of concern in Britain and its outbreak is expected to increase the number of patients in hospital, UK health officials said this.

According to Public Health England (PHE), which monitors all forms of Covid in the country, cases of infection from the delta form of the virus increased by 5,472 in a week and the total number of cases on Thursday rose to 12,431. After looking at the latest data, experts said that Delta seems to be more influential than Alpha in terms of losses.

delta form or B1.617.2

“Given the nature of the virus that has now spread across the UK, it is imperative that we all take as many precautions as possible,” said Dr Jenny Harris, chief executive of the UK’s Health Protection Agency.

He said, “People should work from home, they should keep their hands, face, and surroundings clean at all times. If you have not been vaccinated, get vaccinated and take another dose of the vaccine. This will save lives.”