Corona spoiled situation in America, Biden said – expected to be normal by the end of year


Washington: US President Joe Biden has hoped that vaccinations of millions of Americans will bring the situation to normal by the Covid-19 epidemic in the country by the end of the year. Biden visited Pfizer’s vaccine production center in Kalamazoo, Michigan to outline efforts for the smooth delivery of large-scale production and supply of Corona Virus Vaccine by his administration. “I am confident that we will reach normalcy by the end of the year and God willing, this year the Christmas festival will be different from last year,” Biden said while answering questions at the Michigan plant complex. Along with this, he refused to make any promise.

“I can’t promise you anything,” said Biden. Other types of viruses have also occurred. We do not know what will happen at the production level. Things can change, but we are doing what science has indicated and should be done and people are also taking steps to achieve all that can be done. ”

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Biden said that getting vaccinated and available is not the same thing. It is not like putting it in everyone’s arms. This will be a continuous process. He said, “Most of the order we ordered has been delivered. About 60 million doses are expected to be received by the end of July, with a possible date of July 29. This may change. For example, see how the weather is right now, this has slowed down the process of distribution. ”

The White House said on Friday that 6 million doses of the vaccine had been delayed in the US this week due to inclement weather. Biden said, “I cannot tell the date of the end of this crisis, but I can say that we are doing as much as possible so that this crisis ends soon.”