Corona crisis deepens in America, gorillas infection confirmed in San Diego Zoo Safari Park

gorillas infection confirmed

San Diego (US): In San Diego (Zoo Safari Park), several gorillas have been infected with the Corona Virus, which has been infected with gorillas in the US and possibly all over the world. It is believed to be the first known case so far.

The park’s Executive Director Lisa Peterson reported on Monday that eight gorillas living together in the park have been diagnosed with the infection and others suffering from multiple coughs.

The infection appears to have come from a member of the park’s wildlife care team. The member was diagnosed with an infection but did not have symptoms and wore masks the entire time he passed around the gorillas.

gorillas infection confirmed

The park has been closed to the public since December 6 under a lockdown applicable to the prevention of corona virus cases in California. According to Peterson, veterinarians are closely monitoring the gorillas and will remain in their habitats in the park. At this time they are being given vitamins, liquids and food items but no special treatment is being done. Peterson said, “Gorillas only complain of chest tightness and cough.”