Corona continues to wreak havoc in Britain, senior health officer said – this is a terrible situation

Corona continues to wreak havoc in Britain

London: England’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) said on Monday that Britain had entered the “worst” weeks of Covid-19 and the time to come. Would be “extremely dangerous”. He has requested people to strictly follow the rule of stay at home to prevent the spread of infection.

Professor Chris Whitty, who has been the face of a series of awareness campaigns related to following the rules of lockdown, said that the National Health Service (NHS), already struggling with a heavy workload ) The only way to help is to minimize all unnecessary contact with other people and also to expedite the Vaccination Program.

Professor Whitty told the BBC, “I think everyone will accept that this is the most dangerous time in terms of NHS figures. The next few weeks will be the worst weeks of the epidemic for the NHS. ” He said, “This is everybody’s problem.” Your unnecessary contact with anyone can become a possible means of spreading infection that affects a vulnerable person. “

Corona continues to wreak havoc in Britain

He said that more than 30,000 Covid-19 patients are currently admitted to hospitals in England, compared to 18,000 when the disease was at peak in April. He said that the figures of hospitalized patients “have not really shocked anyone.” He said, “This is a terrible situation.”

He pointed out more than 80 thousand deaths in the country since the outbreak of the epidemic and reported that an estimated one in every 50 people in Britain is corona infected. His warning comes at a time when new vaccination centers have been opened for people at risk of over 80 years of age in the UK and the NHS is sending a letter informing them about this campaign.

With the opening of these centers, people will get new options and people can use the national booking service online or by phone to schedule a time for vaccination at any of the seven centers. In the coming weeks, the elderly will be able to get vaccinated at their local immunization centers if there is any inconvenience to do so.