Corona among children in Britain, one out of 37 children aged 7 to 11 years is infected

Corona among children in Britain

London: After America, the alarm bell of Coronavirus also rang as soon as schools opened in Britain. In Britain, one child out of every 37 children aged 7 to 11 years is found to be corona infected. After most of the schools opened on 1st September, till 11th September, 2.74% of school children were found infected during random testing. According to the Department of Statistics, one in 80 people were found positive in a random test of common people in England, the highest infection level has been reported in Scotland, one out of every 45.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has requested the military’s help with the ambulance system. At the same time, the Health Ministry of England has provided 3 lakh air monitors to schools. Through these, the air quality in the classroom is continuously checked. Pro. According to Katherine Noakes, ventilated classrooms reduce the risk of infection by up to 70%.

Corona patients will be treated with Ronaprev
It has been decided to adopt a new antibody treatment for thousands of patients suffering from corona infection in UK hospitals. It is to be used the same antibody treatment called Ronapreve, which was used by former US President Donald Trump during the corona infection. Let us inform you that 30,144 new cases of corona infection were reported in Britain on Saturday and 164 new deaths were registered.

It is noteworthy that a mixture of two monoclonal antibodies will be given initially in Ronaprev hospitals to people who have not had an antibody response against the coronavirus. This treatment was used last year when Donald Trump had a coronavirus infection and was being given experimental drugs.

Corona among children in Britain

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid said, ‘We have started new treatment in UK hospitals for patients who are at high risk. Through this treatment, we will start saving the infected from next week itself.’ He told that this medicine will be given to those corona patients whose immunity is weak. In which even after suffering from infection or getting the corona vaccine, antibodies against the coronavirus are not made.