Catastrophic Bridge Collapse in Baltimore: Search for Survivors Underway

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

Baltimore: In a harrowing incident early Tuesday morning, a container vessel struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, leading to a catastrophic collapse. The bridge, a critical connector since 1977 over the Patapsco River, crumbled into the water, sending vehicles plummeting into the river below. Rescue operations are in full swing as teams scour the waters for at least seven individuals.

The calamity unfolded when the vessel rammed into one of the bridge’s pillars, as captured in a chilling social media video. The impact not only brought down the structure but also set the ship ablaze, with reports suggesting it may have sunk. The Francis Scott Key Bridge, a lifeline for the Port of Baltimore and a key East Coast shipping route, now lies in ruins.

Kevin Cartwright, the Baltimore Fire Department’s communications director, declared the situation an emergency in a statement to the Associated Press. The primary mission, he emphasized, is the rescue of those submerged and the safe extraction from the perilous waters. Debris dangling from the remnants of the bridge poses an additional hazard to the rescue teams.

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

The extent of the disaster remains uncertain, with Cartwright noting that the full impact on individuals is still being assessed. The collision occurred at approximately 1:30 am local time on Monday, with several vehicles present on the bridge at that moment.

Baltimore’s Mayor Brandon M. Scott and County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. have taken to social media to assure the public that emergency services are fully mobilized and that the rescue efforts are continuing with urgency.