‘Candida Auris’ threat of fungal infection disease is hovering all over the world

Candida Auris fungus

New Delhi: After the coronavirus, an atmosphere of fear has started appearing among the people regarding diseases. New infections and viruses are coming out in the coming days. These days the danger of the disease which is hovering all over the world is very dangerous. In 2016, patients with a disease that had never been seen before in America suddenly started appearing in New York hospitals. The name of this disease is Candida auris. Experts are once again keeping an eye on this disease caused by a fungal infection. All kinds of measures and health alerts are being issued to prevent it from spreading.

Last year, most patients of Candida auris were found in Nevada and California in America, but the fungus was present in 29 states. A lot of cases are still coming up in New York. Now scientists estimate that climate change may be the reason for the increasing cases of this infection. This fungal infection suddenly emerged in humans 14 years ago and has been found simultaneously on three continents. Its cases were found in Venezuela, India, and South Africa. If well-known experts of fungus infection are to be believed, the presence of this infection in three different continents is a matter of concern, because the climate of all the three places is completely different from each other.

Fungus is also changing due to an increase in temperature
In a media report on this disease, Professor and Fungus Specialist at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Arturo Casadeval says, ‘Due to our body temperature, we have got strong protection from the fungus present in the environment. But if the world is warming and the fungus is changing accordingly, some of them may even be able to cross that temperature barrier.

Researchers have been doing research for many years regarding this disease named Candida oris. The infection of this disease was present in America since 2013. Before 2009 it was not seen in humans. Since then New York has been known as ground zero for Candida auris. According to America Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by 2021, the maximum number of patients in the country were found in New York, while the infection was spreading in other areas as well.

Candida Auris fungus

30 to 60 percent of patients die
Candida auris is a dangerous disease that is found in many parts of the world. 30 to 60 percent of patients may die due to its infection. Due to this, blood circulation and respiratory infections can occur or wounds can also become infected, which becomes the cause of death. People who already have a serious illness are most likely to get infected.