Boris Johnson resigns from British Parliament, Said – being forced

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London: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned from the membership of Parliament. He has decided to quit the membership of Parliament with immediate effect. He surprised everyone with his decision. Boris Johnson has resigned as a member of Parliament following the report of the parliamentary committee on the Partygate matter.

According to news agency Reuters, Johnson was under investigation as part of a parliamentary inquiry. In fact, recently a parliamentary committee had said that parties were being organized in Downing Street during the lockdown. Which was clearly a violation of the lockdown. But Johnson had misled Parliament in this matter, he kept telling the House of Commons (Parliament) that the lockdown was being followed. In this case, they will be punished.

After Johnson received a confidential letter from the committee, he accused MPs of acting like a ‘kangaroo court’ and ending his political career. Accusing the committee, Johnson said in a statement ‘I am being coerced by a handful of people, their claims have no evidence.’ However, Johnson hinted that he might return to politics, declaring that He is leaving Parliament ‘for now’.

Boris Johnson

But the decision to resign could be the end of a 22-year political career that saw him rise from parliament to mayor of London and then build a profile that tipped the balance in the 2016 EU referendum in favor of Brexit. Let us tell you that Boris Johnson left the post of Prime Minister in the year 2022, but he continued to serve as an MP. He added: ‘I am not alone in thinking that there is a witch hunt going on to avenge Brexit and ultimately reverse the result of the 2016 referendum. My removal is the necessary first step, and I am sure a concerted effort has been made to bring it about.