Big action on Islamic fundamentalism, 30 mosques closed, organizations doing violence are also banned

30 mosques closed

Paris: The French government is troubled by the rapidly spreading Islamic fundamentalism in the country these days. To prevent this, 30 mosques have been closed here in the last year. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that about 89 suspicious mosques were inspected in the past year, of which a third have been closed. Apart from this, organizations promoting extremists have also been eliminated.

The campaign to close disputed mosques in France started in November 2020. Gerald had earlier informed that 650 places harboring extremists were closed before the ‘anti-separatism law’ was implemented.

The French police had investigated 24000 places in the country. According to Turkish news agency Anadolu, 89 mosques promoting extremism were investigated since November 2020. He said that he is considering the closure of six more mosques located in different areas of the country.

Opposition to the construction of the Eyup Sultan Mosque
The French Interior Minister said that he opposed the construction of the ‘Eup Sultan’ mosque. However, permission has been received from the local authority to build the mosque. He said that 5 Muslim associations promoting ‘political Islam’ have been closed. He said the anti-separatism law also allows him to do more than that. He said that a total of 10 unions are to be closed.

30 mosques closed

Accused of exterminating Jews in town
The authority is also planning to eliminate Islamic publishers Nawa and the Black African Defense League (LDNA). In June last year, both these organizations demonstrated against police violence outside the US embassy in Paris. Nava is dominated by the southern town of Ariz. Here he is accused of terrorizing Jews and legalizing stone-pelting against homosexuals.