America will relax corona rules for international travelers, all restrictions will be removed for those who get the vaccine

America will relax corona rules for international travelers

Washington: America will remove all restrictions from November 8 for all international passengers, including Indian nationals, who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, but passengers ( Passengers will have to show proof of not being found infected with the coronavirus before boarding the plane. The White House has announced this.

The fresh travel guidelines issued on Monday also included new protocols regarding testing. To strengthen protection, unvaccinated passengers, whether U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents (LPRs), or those with a small number of unvaccinated foreign nationals, must be screened within one day of departure.

A senior administration official told reporters, “Under this new international air travel system, foreign nationals coming to the US are required to be fully vaccinated. The new system includes the need for testing, strengthening the system of tracing people who have come in contact, as well as applying masks. The country has strict safety regulations based on science and public health to enhance the safety of Americans and international air travel.”

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The official said that from November 8, non-citizen, non-immigrant air travelers to the US will have to take a full dose of vaccine and provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination before boarding a flight to the US. With this, the US will lift all travel restrictions for all countries and territories. A senior administration official said the Biden administration will work closely with airlines to ensure that the new system is implemented successfully. Children up to the age of 18 years are exempted from the vaccination requirement for travel to foreign nationals.

Children between the ages of two and 17 must be screened before departure. The White House said that if a child is traveling with an adult who has had a full dose of the vaccine, they can get tested three days before departure. If a non-vaccinated child is traveling alone or with an unvaccinated adult, they must be tested within one day of departure.