America will give raw material to India for 20 million corona vaccines

s jaishankar

Washington: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is on a tour of America these days. On Friday, he met his American counterpart Antony Blinken. During this time, the two leaders discussed different issues. At the same time, the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs has directed India to supply the raw materials needed to make the Covid-19 vaccine, so that 20 million additional doses of AstraZeneca vaccine can be made. Dean Thompson, acting assistant secretary of the US South and Central Asian Affairs Bureau, said, ‘The US government, state governments, US companies, and private citizens have provided over the US $ 500 million in COVID-19 relief supplies to India in total. . ‘

On the other hand, Jaishankar thanked the Biden administration for supporting India in difficult times while dealing with Covid-19. On this occasion, Blinken said that India and America are united in the fight against Corona. He also said that the two countries are working together on many important challenges to deal with this epidemic.

s jaishankar

Antony Bilken also said that India supported him during the first wave of Corona. Apart from this, he said that America can never forget India’s help. Blinken said that India supported America in the early days of Covid-19, which their country will always remember. He said, ‘Now we want to make sure that we stand up for and with India. We are fighting together with Covid-19. ‘

Relationship will be stronger
Please tell that Foreign Minister S Jaishankar reached Washington on a three-day visit on Wednesday. This is the first visit of a cabinet-level minister from India in the Biden administration. Jaishankar said after meeting Bilkent. ‘We discussed a lot of issues. I feel that the relationship between the two countries has been very strong in the last few years and I am confident that this will continue to happen in the future. I want to thank the administration and America for supporting me in difficult times. ‘