37-year-old woman climbed on the mountain after becoming nude, told this is art


Today, there are many people who like to act strange and poor. They consider this kind of hobby as Art. One of these arts is mountain trekking. This hobby is also very dangerous, but people like to do it very much. In this episode, news has come out of America, which has surprised everyone. In fact, a US-based woman has a strange passion for climbing mountains Nude.

According to a report by The Sun, Jasorka, 37, works at a casino in New Jersey, USA. She often shares her nude photos. A year ago, Jasorka suggested her friend to take something different and out of the picture. After which he decided to climb the hill by getting naked. The light is, “She climbed a large rock boulder before being partially nude.” He did this for the first time. After this, her family and friends praised my photo because he liked Jasorka’s association with nature. She also said that by doing so, she has not broken any law. ‘


Jasorca says that she shares her photos online, where she also gets a lot of positive comments. It is a kind of art of Jasorka’s Muतtabik. She also encourages other women to compliment her body through these photos. Jasorka also stated that she prefers to take her male friends only for photo shoots, as women feel a bit awkward in such a situation. According to Jasorka, women have negative feelings towards their body, but she urges them to overcome their fear and take off their clothes.

Jasorca further states that, when she first planned to climb the hill without clothes, she was quite nervous, but later she climbed the mountain without clothes. At that time, she had to face many difficulties. At the same time, she also said that it is not any kind of obscene thing, but is an art. Nude pictures of Jasorka are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Seeing which people are giving their opinion.