Will Facebook, Instagram be closed in India? The deadline period of the government is ending today


Facebook, Twitter, Twitter and Instagram are constantly in discussion about data privacy, and now it is said that the time for its ban in India has come to a close. In fact, on 25 February, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology gave the social media platform a three-month deadline to comply with the new rules, the period of which is ending on 25 May. In such a situation, it is believed that there can be a ban on these apps in the next two days.

The Union Government on 25 February 2021, on behalf of the Ministry of Electronics and IT of India, was asked to appoint Compliance Officer, Nodal Officer etc. within 3 months to regulate digital content and all of them should have jurisdiction in India. Was

  • Under the order given by the government, companies have to appoint a Compliance Officer and their name and contact address should be of India, including things like complaint resolution, monitoring of objectionable content, compliance report, and removal of objectionable material.
    Under this new rule, a committee will also be formed in which people from Defense, External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Information Broadcasting, Law, IT, and Women and Child Development will be the people. They will have the right to hear complaints on violations of the code of conduct.
  • The new rules include grievance redressal i.e. accepting any complaint within 24 hours and stating its action or reasons for not taking action within 15 days.

Although some platforms had asked for a time of six months, some had said that they are waiting for instructions from their headquarters in America. Sources said that these companies are working in India and are making profits from India but are waiting for the green signal to follow the guidelines.

Indian app Koo implemented new rules
If sources are to be believed, these social media platforms have not yet implemented these rules. Let us know that Koo, the Indian microblogging site, said on Saturday that it has followed the new guidelines for the digital platform before the deadline set at the end of this month. But no other social media platform has done so yet.

Sources say that any company which fails to follow these rules, their intermediary status can be abolished and criminal action can also be taken against them. Also, sources said that if companies fail to follow these new rules by May 26, they may lose the protection given to them under Section 79 of the Information Technology Act.