Who are Vijay Mallya’s daughters Leena and Tanya, who will now have to pay debt of crores

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New Delhi: Vijay Mallya, declared a fugitive in the bank fraud case of about 9000 crores, was recently sentenced to four months in jail by the Supreme Court for contempt of court. The court also ordered that the $40 million that Vijay Mallya transferred in the name of his three children should also be returned with 8 percent interest. Mallya had given this amount of $ 40 million to his son Siddharth and daughters Leena and Tanya. Let us tell about Mallya’s family, how many daughters he has, where he lives, and what he does.

Vijay Mallya’s first marriage was with Sameera Tyabji. Sameera was an air hostess in Air India. Mallya met Sameera on an Air India flight while going to America. The two became close, then got married in 1986. A son Siddhartha was born from this marriage. This marriage of Mallya and Sameera did not last long. Divorced after a year.

2 daughters were born from the second marriage, also a stepdaughter
A few years after his divorce from Sameera, Vijay Mallya met his school friend Rekha in Bangalore. Mallya wanted to marry Rekha but his father did not agree. After breaking away from Vijay, Rekha did two marriages. Rekha’s second marriage took place with Shahid Mehmood, from whom she had a daughter Laila. Later, when Rekha got married to Vijay Mallya, she adopted Laila. Before the divorce of Vijay Mallya and Rekha, they had two daughters – Leena and Tanya.

tanya-lena-leena mallya

Tanya Mallya is a US citizen
Tanya Mallya has US citizenship. According to Bhaskar’s report, Tanya is very fond of photography. In 2013, Tanya went to Paris on the National Geographic Student Expedition to learn digital photography. In September 2010, there was also a controversy regarding Tanya. Vijay Mallya bought a penthouse in the name of his daughter Tanya in the 36-story Trump Plaza building. Its cost was $10 million. $4.6 million was paid for the penthouse, but the rest was not paid, according to the New York Department of Finance. Because of this, Tanya had to leave the penthouse.

Second daughter Lena is a businesswoman
Leena Mallya is the second daughter of Vijay Mallya. According to media reports, Leena is a businesswoman. He also has US citizenship. She lives in San Francisco. There are allegations that some part of Vijay Mallya’s property is also in the name of Leena. Leena’s name is also in the registered Balaji Trust in the Bahamas. In February this year, when Mallya’s 30-bedroom house in London was taken over by Swiss bank UBS, the London High Court had approved the payment of money from the same trust in the Bahamas.

Stepdaughter Laila is also in business
Vijay Mallya adopted Laila, the daughter of his second wife Rekha’s second husband Shahid Mehmood. According to Bhaskar, Laila does business with lifestyle accessories. His business has spread to Europe and America. Laila was married to her family friend Samar Singh on Bali Island, Indonesia. Laila used to work with former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi. In 2010, the woman who reached Lalit Modi’s place with papers during the raid was identified as Laila. However, he later denied having any relation with Lalit Modi.