Turbulent Parliament Session: 45 Rajya Sabha MPs Suspended, House Adjourned

Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar

New Delhi: The winter session of Parliament witnessed further turmoil on December 18th, 2023, with 45 opposition MPs in Rajya Sabha being suspended for the remainder of the session. This action followed the suspension of 33 MPs from Lok Sabha earlier in the day.

Rajya Sabha:

  • Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar suspended 45 opposition MPs, including prominent figures like Jairam Ramesh, Randeep Surjewala, and KC Venugopal, for alleged disruption of proceedings.
  • Following the mass suspensions, opposition members created further ruckus, leading to the adjournment of the House till December 19th.

Lok Sabha:

  • Earlier in the day, the Speaker of Lok Sabha suspended 33 opposition members, including Congress leaders Adhir Ranjan Choudhary and K. Suresh, Trinamool Congress members Kalyan Banerjee and Saugata Roy, and DMK members TR Baalu and Dayanidhi Maran.
  • Three additional Lok Sabha MPs, K. Jayakumar, Vijay Vasanth, and Abdul Khaliq, were suspended pending a report from the Privileges Committee.

Reasons for Suspensions:

The specific reasons for the suspensions remain unclear at this time. However, news reports suggest that the disruptions stemmed from opposition demands related to a recent security breach in Parliament and other pressing issues.

Impact and Reactions:

These mass suspensions have further inflamed tensions between the government and the opposition, raising concerns about the ability of Parliament to function effectively. Reactions remain divided, with supporters of the government defending the move as necessary to maintain order, while opposition parties denounce it as an attempt to suppress dissent.

Lok Sabha

Further Developments:

The situation remains fluid, and further developments are expected in the coming days. It is uncertain whether Parliament will be able to resume normal functioning or if the disruptions will continue.

This rewritten news article provides a more organized structure with clear sections for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha events, summarizes the reasons for suspensions, and includes the impact and reactions of different parties. The information is presented neutrally and objectively, without injecting personal opinions or biases.