Scan your face, and pay read full details


New Delhi: Since the Corona period, people have promoted online money transactions. The easiest example of this is Safexpay. Which helps people only through face scanning. In which the face scanning in the mobile for any payment to the individuals facilitates the process of transactions with the people. Safexpay is an Indian fintech company. Which makes it easier for merchants and businesses to make payments. Safexpay has brought Pay by Face technology to India. Which can only be used by face recognition.

The Safexpay platform has emerged as a unique technology in terms of payments. Safexpay is safe and reliable for people from all walks of life other than merchants. Which can only be used with a face scan. Through this medium, time will also be saved and at the same time, it will be easy. Safexpay is compliant with current EU GDPR requirements, procedures, and procedures and fully complies with customer privacy and data protection norms. Ravi Gupta is the CEO of Safexpay. He told that with Safexpay, people can easily pay any price with just a face scan.


He further added, “At Safexpay, we are proud to integrate Pay by Face with our comprehensive payment platform and look to develop an India-centric contactless payment experience with the help of established payment networks and partners. We have already received orders from multinationals headquartered in India to run pilot projects.” Mihai Dragici, Founder of Pay By Face, said, “We need leaders and innovators in the market to show us what is to come. What is the future like?