Maggi maker Nestle raised questions! 60% product ‘not healthy’, revealed in report

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New Delhi: The world famous company of food products, Nestle Food Products has admitted that 60 percent of its food and drinks products are not healthy. That is, eating these products cannot be good for health. On behalf of the company, it has been said that it is examining the nutritional value in its product and preparations are on to change the entire strategy. Every effort is going on to make the products as tasty and healthy as possible. A report said that 37 percent of Nestle’s food and drinks products have a rating of 3.5. It has been issued by Australia’s Health Star Rating System. Under this system, the rating of the product is given in total 5 numbers. The data from this system is said to be used extensively in international groups.

The entire portfolio will change
Nestle’s 2 products are famous in every corner of the world. Their names are Maggie and Nescafe company has admitted that 60 percent of its food and beverage products do not fall under the category of healthy. The company has said that there are some products that have never been healthy, no matter how much effort is made to improve that product. Regarding this report, a Nestle spokesperson has said that the company is looking at all its product portfolio. Full care will be taken to ensure that people get the necessary nutrients and balanced diet in the product.

What did the company say?
A company spokesperson said, “It has been our endeavor over the decades to provide nutritional products to the people, for this we also work continuously. For example, we have reduced the amount of sugar and sodium in our product. This work has been done prominently in the last two decades. In the last 7 years, the amount of sugar and sodium has been reduced by 14-15%.

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In recent years, we have launched thousands of products for children and their families. Full care has been taken in these products that there is no shortfall in the nutritional value. The Nestle company has mentioned the ‘Recognized Definition of Health’, in which the product has been placed in a 3.5 rating. That is, the products of this rating can be considered healthy. This rating is issued by the Health Star System of Australia.

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In a presentation by the company, it has been said that 70 percent of its food products, 96% of drinks, 99 percent of confectionery and ice cream do not meet the health standards. The only exception is pure coffee that meets the health standard. However, the standard limit of health of 60 percent dairy products and 82% water products is 3. 5 follow. In view of this report, the company has said that it is preparing to make changes in its entire product portfolio, especially in the food and drinks segment. Nutritional profiling of these products will be done and it will be improved.

company is improving
Nestle believes that Health Star rating and Nutri-Score are considered good for product rating but they do not cover all products. The company says that more than half of its products do not come under this health system. Nutrition standards are followed in the manufacture of baby food, specialized health products, and pet food.

The company believes that a healthy diet should mean a perfect balance between health and the pleasure of eating. It has been said in the statement that the effort to provide tasty and healthy products to the people was going on in the past and will continue to do so. Following the recent health ratings, the product portfolio will receive serious attention from the company.