June was hottest month in southern peninsular India since 1901: IMD


New Delhi: The month of June was the warmest since 1901 in southern peninsular India and the average maximum temperature in the region was recorded at 34.05 degrees Celsius. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) reported that the region recorded the third-highest average minimum temperature of 26.04 degrees Celsius in June since 1901. This month recorded an average temperature of 30.5°C which is the highest since 1901.

The monthly weather review report released by the Meteorological Department on Tuesday evening also said that the maximum temperature was 4.4 degrees Celsius above normal in most parts of east and northeast India, south peninsular India, and parts of northwest and central India. were recorded. South Peninsular India recorded 88.6 mm of rainfall in June, the lowest since 1901.

It states that the normal rainfall in June in the region is 161 mm. Earlier in 1976, the lowest rainfall was recorded at 90.7 mm. The weather office reported that east and northeast India recorded the third highest average maximum temperature (33.87 °C) during June since 1901. Earlier in 1979, 34.47 °C was recorded, and in 1958, 34.26 °C was the average maximum temperature. The eastern parts of the country also experienced heatwave conditions in June.


Severe heatwave conditions prevailed in Bihar from June 1 to 22, in West Bengal from June 1 to 18, and in eastern Uttar Pradesh from June 12 to 21. Heatwave conditions were not observed over northwest and central parts of the country including Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Gujarat. The Meteorological Department said that in June this year, mainly from June 5 to 24, the normal temperature was warmer than before. The country as a whole received 148.6 mm of rainfall in June, which is 10 percent less than the long-period average (LPA) of 165.3 mm.