It’s not mandatory to give mobile number while shopping, government-issued rules

billing counter information

New Delhi: Whenever you buy something from a shop in the mall, you are definitely asked for your mobile number before paying the bill at the billing counter. And even when it is not needed, we easily give the number. However, now no shopkeeper will ask for a mobile number to collect the bill. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs will issue a notification to stop this practice. In fact, people are constantly complaining about the practice of asking for mobile numbers before paying the bill every time. In such a situation, according to the information given by Central Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh, after receiving several complaints, the Center is now issuing an advisory. He also pointed out that any seller who insists on a customer’s mobile number comes under unfair trade practice.

No reason to collect the information
In recent days, several retailers have complained of service outages due to customers refusing to provide their mobile numbers. So without providing the mobile number to the vendors, they cannot generate the bill. This is an unfair and restrictive transaction practice under the Consumer Protection Act. And there’s no reason to collect this information, but they shouldn’t take the number if the customer doesn’t have consent.

Mobile number is not mandatory
Consumers in India are not required to give their numbers to vendors, but they often have to give their mobile numbers. Officials termed the issue as a privacy concern and the customer has the right to share his mobile number or not. He said there are complaints that vendors inform customers that salespeople cannot generate bills without the mobile number as it is inbuilt into the system.

billing counter information

Can’t ask for numbers under pressure
Officials said they will issue clear instructions to vendors that if a customer does not want to give his mobile number for the bill after purchase, the vendor should not insist on the same. A notification will be sent to the retail industry and organizations like CII, FICCI, and ASSOCHAM to resolve the issue in the interest of consumers. In another development, the ministry has sent its views to the Ministry of Electronics and IT on introducing a universal charging port – USB Type-C – for smartphones, laptops, and tablets, suggesting that the rollout of these chargers be from June 2025. can be done. Ahead of. Also, to reduce e-waste, the ministry is insisting on using common chargers for only two types of electronic charging devices.