Instagram new feature of time management, know howit will work?


New Delhi: It is the era of social media and social media apps are widely used all over the world. One of these apps is also Instagram. All of you nowadays people like to watch reels on Instagram if you get even a little time from work. But this app gives people the option to share videos, photos, and reels. But today’s youth are spending too much time on social media and are also playing with their future. There are some people who use social media positively while there are some who are excessively active on it and pass the time.

The feature will help you stay away from the app
People’s time is not lost and their time management is better, so Instagram has introduced a new feature ‘Quiet Mode’ (Quiet Mode) has been launched on the app. Under this, people will be able to keep themselves organized in a better way. At present, this new feature of Instagram has been released for the users of Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, which will soon be made live for other regions as well. Through Quiet Mode, users will be able to set incoming alerts to silent and direct messages or DMs to auto-reply. In this way, this feature will help you to stay away from the app and you will be able to concentrate on other tasks.

An automatic reply will be done

As soon as you turn on this feature, you will stop getting notifications, so that your attention will not go toward mobile. After turning on Quiet Mode, if someone messages you, they will get an automatic reply that your account is now in ‘Quiet Mode’ is in.