Guna Dalit scandal, Congress besieges BJP, government in demand for Damage Control


Bhopal: The incident of mercilessly beating a Dalit couple in the fold of Madhya Pradesh has created a huge political uproar. It is being said that today the political mercury of the state can become hotter due to this incident. However, taking this incident seriously, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Wednesday night directed the District Collector and Superintendent of Police of Guna to be removed with immediate effect. Apart from this, the Chief Minister has also ordered a high-level inquiry into the incident. But it seems that the Congress will not leave the issue so easily. On the other hand, the state government has also decided to declare the investigation with strict action and asked for Damage Control. On this, Rahul Gandhi also took a dig at the BJP and said that our fight is against the same thinking and injustice of the BJP.


Let us tell you that a Dalit couple, who were forcibly removed from the encroachment of government land set up for the construction of a government model college in the Jaganpur area of ​​Guna city, drank pesticides on Tuesday in protest against this campaign. A senior official said on Wednesday that the police were forced to lathi-charge after the encroaching couple and their family members opposed the drive to remove the encroachment. After drinking the pesticide, the couple was admitted by the police to the district hospital where their condition is currently improving.

To this, District Magistrate S Vishwanathan had said, “A land was reserved for the Government Model College in the city limits. On this land, Prince Ahirwar (38) and his wife Savitri (35) were working on the farm. He was given the assignment by a transgressor Gabbu Pardi there. ” They said that when the authorities asked them to vacate the land, they protested and at the behest of Gabbu, the couple drank the insecticide and also refused to go to the hospital for treatment. They said that this could have killed the couple. He said that the couple was not ready to leave the place and as the situation was getting serious, the police used force to remove them and other people from there. The couple were then rushed to a hospital for treatment where their condition is now stable. In an alleged video that went viral on social media, the police is allegedly beating a man with sticks and his wife and others Attempting to save her. In this, the woman also lies on her husband and the female policemen are seen removing her from the spot.

But by then the former Chief Minister of the state had come into action mode. Opposing the police action, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath said in a tweet, “Where is this Shivraj government taking the state? What kind of forest rule is this? A Dalit peasant couple was brutally lathi-charged by a large number of policemen in the Cantt police station area in Guna. ” He said, “Even if there is a government dispute related to the land of the victim, it can be resolved legally but in this way taking the law in hand, beating his wife, family and innocent children so ruthlessly. , Where is this justice? He said, “Is it all because he belongs to a Dalit family, is a poor farmer?” Will such courage be shown by the Shivraj government in these areas to redeem thousands of acres of government land occupied by so-called public servants and influencers? Such an incident cannot be tolerated. Immediate strict action should be taken against its culprits, otherwise the Congress will not remain silent. ”

On this issue, BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia also condemned the incident by tweeting that he has requested CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan to take action against the culprits. Shortly after this, the state government came into action. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan removed Guna Collector S Vishwanathan and SP Tarun Nayak from the post. Late night, the government also issued an order to make Rajesh Kumar Singh the new SP of Guna. At the same time, the newly elected Home Minister of the state, Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that a high-level inquiry has been ordered into the incident. The team from Bhopal will go to Guna to investigate the matter and the culprits will not be spared.

The way the incident has happened and the way the state government has made it quick, it seems clear that the state government is now gearing up for Damage Control. But the Congress will not let this issue go smoothly and it seems that a whole new riot of politics will be played for the whole day today, for which the wrestlers on both sides and the opposition have prepared.