Fourth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections Sees High Voter Turnout, West Bengal reported highest

Loksabha Elections Phase-4

New Delhi: As the sun set on Monday, the fourth phase of India’s Lok Sabha elections concluded, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s democratic process. This phase saw 96 constituencies across 10 states and union territories cast their votes, sealing the fate of over 1,700 candidates in the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). While the final tally of voter turnout is pending, preliminary reports indicate a robust participation rate of over 63.25 percent by 5 pm.

State-Wise Enthusiasm: West Bengal Leads in Voter Turnout
In a remarkable display of civic engagement, West Bengal reported the highest voter turnout with 75.66 percent of eligible voters casting their ballots by 5 pm. Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh followed closely, with 70.42 percent and 68.20 percent, respectively.

Other States Show Solid Turnout
The commitment to the electoral process was evident across the country, with Jharkhand (64.30 percent), Odisha (64.23 percent), Telangana (61.75 percent), Uttar Pradesh (58.02 percent), Bihar (56.12 percent), Maharashtra (53.06 percent), and Jammu and Kashmir (37.35 percent) all reporting significant voter engagement by the evening deadline.

A Contest of 1,717 Candidates for 96 Seats
The fourth phase was a battleground for 1,717 hopefuls vying for the support of more than 17.70 crore voters, including 8.73 crore women. These voters exercised their democratic rights at 1.92 lakh polling stations set up across the country.

Progressive Coverage of Lok Sabha Seats
With this phase, the election has covered 379 of the 543 Lok Sabha seats. The previous three phases accounted for 283 seats, with voter turnouts of 66.14 percent, 66.71 percent, and 65.68 percent, respectively.

Loksabha Elections Phase-4

Looking Ahead: The Final Stretches of the Election
The nation now looks forward to the remaining three phases of the election, scheduled for May 20, May 25, and June 1. The collective anticipation builds towards June 4, when the counting of votes will reveal the composition of the next Lok Sabha and the future direction of India’s governance.