Companies are now bringing them back from the chartered plane, they were forced to go home on foot


New Delhi: Corona infection is continuously increasing in the country. But the government has allowed the reopening of stalled economic activities with some conditions for several months. But now the biggest problem for these companies is the absence of workers. After which these companies are now bringing back migrant laborers who went back to their homes during lockdown. They are using airplanes to bring them back.

Many of the more than 700 domestic flights operated last month have been leased by companies in the labor-dependent manufacturing, industrial goods, real estate, and hospitality sectors. She is bringing her staff back to lockdown. Planned planes by companies such as ONGC and Larsen & Toubro leased a number of planes from Patna and Bhubaneswar to Mumbai and Ahmedabad from state-owned ONGC Limited and infrastructure major Larsen & Toubro.

Companies and officials said that from some charters, employees have been sent to industrial centers like Chennai and Rajahmundry. Many industrial areas had expressed concern over the large number of employees returning home during the lockdown. Manufacturing companies, in particular, are facing acute shortages of both skilled and unskilled labor. Companies are sending flight tickets. A SpiceJet official said that, we have operated many charters paid by the companies. Through which employees are taken to their work location within the country and abroad. For example, a large Indian company is regularly booking airplanes to send its employees to various locations.

The airline has operated chartered flights in areas including Delhi-Kochi, Jodhpur-Kochi, Jodhpur-Chennai, Jodhpur-Delhi, Jodhpur-Rajahmundry, and Delhi-Rajahmundry. ONGC recalled 5,000 employees Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh is a major hub of several industrial parks and administrative offices for oil and gas companies operating in the Krishna-Godavari basin. Industry sources said chartered flights to Kochi are mainly carrying blue-collar workers in the hospitality sector. Who had returned to their homes in areas around Delhi including Rajasthan, Haryana, and western UP? An Air India official said that the oil company ONGC had last month taken chartered aircraft to take over 5,000 personnel to its stations. The first of these charters took people from Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern UP to Mumbai in May.