Chhindwara Conundrum: Nakul Nath and Vivek Sahu Under Election Commission’s Expenditure Lens

Nakul Nath-Vivek Sahu

Chhindwara: In the heart of India’s political battleground, Madhya Pradesh, the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 are unfolding fervently. Among the twelve contested seats, Chhindwara emerges as the epicenter of high-stakes drama, where incumbent Congress MP Nakul Nath defends his turf against BJP’s challenger Vivek Bunty Sahu.

As the first phase of voting concludes, the spotlight intensifies on Chhindwara, a constituency synonymous with the Nath dynasty. The Election Commission’s vigilant eyes scrutinize the financial declarations, uncovering discrepancies that could tilt the scales of this electoral duel.

Nakul Nath, the lone Congress sentinel in the state, faces allegations of underreporting his campaign expenditure. His submitted ledger to the Commission reveals a sum of ₹44.18 lakh, a figure the authorities deem implausible. The crux of the contention lies in the reported ₹35 lakh spent on vehicular movement and a modest ₹6 lakh on public assemblies, numbers that the Commission disputes, suggesting an actual spend of ₹66.38 lakh—a significant ₹17 lakh more than Nath’s account.

On the opposing end, BJP’s Vivek Bunty Sahu finds himself ensnared in a similar fiscal fiasco. His reported election outlay of ₹25.38 lakh falls short of the Commission’s estimate by ₹10.29 lakh, with the total expenditure reaching ₹36.18 lakh.

Nakul Nath-Vivek Sahu

The financial fissures in Chhindwara’s election narrative have become a pivotal issue, with both parties pouring resources into a seat that could dictate the political future of the region. As the Election Commission delves deeper, the candidates’ credibility hangs in the balance, and the outcome of this controversy may well decide who will claim victory in this prestigious Lok Sabha seat.