Black fungus cases have risen to around 12 thousand, Gujarat has the highest number of 2859 patients


New Delhi: Black fungus cases are on the rise amid the epidemic of coronavirus infection in the country. The total number of cases of black fungus in India increased to 11,717 on Wednesday. In this, the highest number of cases have been found in Gujarat. It was told that 2,859 cases have been found in the state so far. At the same time, 29,250 vials of Amphotericin-B have been allocated to all states/union territories. This allocation has been done on the basis of the number of patients under treatment.

Earlier on Tuesday, the government had given 19,420 vials of ‘Amphotericin B’ to various states and union territories. In this regard, Union Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Sadanand Gowda had given information by tweeting. He said that 19,420 additional vials of ‘Amphotericin B’ have been given to various states, union territories, and central institutions. ‘

Of these 19,420 vials, Gujarat was given 4,640, Maharashtra 4,060, Andhra Pradesh 1,840, Madhya Pradesh 1,470, Rajasthan 1,430, Uttar Pradesh 1,260, Karnataka 1,030.

‘Amphotericin B’ is used for the treatment of ‘mucormycosis. It is also called ‘Black Fungus’. It is a rare serious infection that is found in many patients of Covid-19. It can also cause damage to the nose, eyes, sinuses, and sometimes the brain.

Do not be alarmed by the color of the fungus, pay attention to the causes and risks: expert advice
Amid increasing cases of mucormycosis or black fungus in Covid-19 patients and those recovering from an infection, experts on Tuesday advised people not to panic about the color of the fungus, but rather on the type of infection, its cause, and the dangers it causes. It is important to give. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had said on Monday that 5,424 cases of mucormycosis have been reported in 18 states, which is a dangerous infection found in Covid-19 patients or people recovering from it.

In the last few days, apart from black fungus, cases of white fungus and yellow fungus have also been reported in patients from different parts of the country. According to scientists, both of them are also mucormycosis. Dr. Sameeran Panda, head of the Department of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that using names like ‘Black, Green or Yellow Fungus’ is causing fear among people.


He said, ‘For the common people, I would say do not panic with black, yellow or white color. We should find out what kind of fungal infection the patient has. Most of the fungal infections that cause fatal or dangerous diseases occur when the immunity is low. ‘Panda said,’ So the basic principle is how to fight the fungal infection or immune system. ‘