AI tool ChatGPT is not able to bear load, it is telling its own ‘truth’

Chat GPT

New Delhi: In November last year, OpenAI made its AI tool ChatGPT public. Since then this tool is in limelight. The reason is its capability. This AI tool talks about many topics in human language. Not only this, but some people are also using it in many types of writing. For this reason, it is also being called an alternative to Google. But, at present, its site is not able to reply to visitors and has gone offline.

At present, ‘Get notified when we are back’ on ChatGPT’s site means that its visitors have increased and this site is not able to reply to more visitors than this. It is obvious that it is being used fast. That’s why this is happening. At the moment it is not clear when this site will be back live.

Google released Code Red
Due to its unique features of ChatGPT, it is also discussed in Google Management. Google has been dominating the search business for the last two decades. But, now people are telling ChatGPT as an alternative to Google. Because Google answers any search through a link. But, this new AI tool gives self-made answers in any subject. Which doesn’t look mechanical.

Chat GPT

Nowadays people are using it in many ways. Someone is using it in computer coding. So someone understanding the answers to the difficult questions of science from this. Keeping these things in mind, Google management has not taken it lightly.

Code Red has been issued regarding this in Google Management and keeping this in mind, it has been asked to make a product. Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself had several meetings regarding this.