After Vikas Dubey, now his wife and son also arrested from Lucknow


Lucknow: The wife and son of Vikas Dubey (Vikas Dubey), arrested from Ujjain after killing 8 policemen in Kanpur, have also been arrested by the police. According to the information, the police arrested Vikas’s wife Richa, and her son from the Krishnanagar area of ​​Lucknow. Along with both, the police have also caught Vikas Dubey’s servant. It is worth noting that earlier on Thursday, the police arrested Vikas Dubey from Mahakal temple in Ujjain. Please tell that the Uttar Pradesh Police has left Ujjain about Vikas Dubey. The UP Police team has emerged from Madhya Pradesh by road. The Ujjain police have given the handover of Vikas Dubey to the UP Police team. Let me tell you that after the arrest of Vikas Dubey from Ujjain, the process of bringing him to UP accelerated. Meanwhile, the confession of Vikas Dubey has emerged. According to sources, Vikas Dubey has made several revelations about the Kanpur incident in front of the police. Vikas Dubey has said to burn the dead bodies of policemen and erase the evidence.


There was a conspiracy to burn
According to police sources, in his confession, Vikas Dubey said that after the Kanpur incident, the corpses of 5 policemen were placed one above the other near the well, right next to his house, to set fire to destroy evidence. Oil was kept in gallons in the house to set fire. The intention was to burn a 50-liter gallon of oil. But after collecting the dead bodies, he did not get a chance and he escaped.

Vikas Dubey said in confession

At the same time, Vikas Dubey said about the martyr CO Devendra Mishra, Devendra Mishra was not made. Many times he had threatened to see me. There was a debate earlier too. Vinay Tiwari also told that CO is against you. So I was angry at CO. The CO was killed in the front house. I did not kill the CO, but the men with me jumped from the yard on the other side and killed them in the courtyard of the maternal uncle’s house. He was also attacked on the leg because I came to know that he says that one leg of development is wrong. I will also correct the other one. CO’s throat was not cut. The bullet was hit in the head by the pass, so half the face was ripped off.