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Pakistan’s main gang rape suspect identified, people angry

Lahore: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister in Pakistan said on Saturday that the main suspect in the case of the gang rape of...

Corona vaccine has been applied to 74.30 lakh front line workers so far

New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health said that till Thursday, 74.30 lakh frontline workers have been vaccinated against COVID-19 (COVID-19). This achievement was...

Ekata Introduces Account Opening API

Seattle, United States:  Ekata, a global leader in digital identity verification, introduces the Account Opening API, designed to take action on high-risk accounts to mitigate...
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Document to be submitted by 28 February, or else pension will be stopped

New Delhi: The government has granted retiring employees till February 28 amid the Covid-19 epidemic (Covid-19). According to the 7th Pay Commission, pensioners will...

65 WHO employees were found to be infected with the coronavirus

Geneva: 65 employees of the World Health Organization (WHO) stationed at its headquarters have been found to be infected with the Corona Virus. An...